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Free Mason Rings and Bangle made from titaniumFree Masonry has many sides to it. Free Masons claim the organisation is for good - and I believe that the common free mason believes this and that they are good men and woman - my uncle was a free mason and he was a good guy. Of course their are many views and conspiracies about masons - many American presidents and powerful people around the world are masons. I am not supportive of "secret societies" especially when they wield enormous power - but extensive reading has led me nowhere except to mason lapel pin
I can only act on what I know - and I know only good free masons. I have never met or experienced an evil mason. So until I do I will continue to make beautiful free mason jewellery for those who ask. I have made Grand Master Jewels, free mason cuff links and lapel pins, I have done a lot of custom work including free mason bangles in silver and gold - you can see our free mason titanium bangles and rings on the site.
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Here is ome info I pulled of the net - makes intersting reading.........

A secret fraternal order of Free and Accepted Masons, spread by the British Empire, with actually about 5 million members; 3 million in the USA, with 250,00 on the black "Prince Hall" Masonry (rejected by many white lodges).

Its main motto is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

Some Masons define it as "a beautiful system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols"... also as "the realization of God by the practice of Brotherhood": To reach God by doing good works to your neighbor...

free mason cuff links engraved mediumIt has been described as "the biggest, richest, most secret and most powerful private force in the world"... and certainly, "the most deceptive", both for the general public, and for the first 3 degrees of "initiates": Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason (the basic "Blue Lodge")...
These Initiates are purposely deceived!, in believing they know every thing, while they don't know anything about the true Masonry... in the words of Albert Pike, whose book "Morals and Dogma" is the standard monitor of Masonry, and copies are often presented to the members, "the first three degrees are but the outer court of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understand them... it is well enough for the mass of those called Masons to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees" ("Morals and Dogma", p.819).

Masonry: (form the french "mason", "stone masons"), started in the 13th century as a "Union of Workers" of the cathedral builders to help each other; it was the "working" or "operative masonry", meeting in "lodges".

free mason money clipFreemasonry: With the decline of cathedral building, some lodges of operative masons begun to accept honorary members to bolster their declining membership... and from here, "Freemasonry" was born, not to build "cathedrals", but to build "cathedrals of men", and "the cathedral of the whole world"... it is the "speculative masonry", adopting the rites and trappings of ancient religions, orders, sects, the occult, and chivalric brotherhoods.

Officially, Freemasonry was born in 1717, when 4 Craft Lodges gathered at the Apple Tree Tavern in London, and set up a constitution for Free and Accepted Masons, written by Anderson... but they claim their roots can be traced to Egypt, Syria, Babylon... and the stonecutters of the Solomon Temple, specially "Hiram Abiff" (1R.7, 2Cr.2,4), a celebrated figure because of his death-defying refusal to reveal trade secrets to intruders... the "Jesus Christ" for many Masons... though it is "an irony", because the Temple of Solomon was not built with stones, but with wood, brought by another "Hiram", the King of Tyre (1R.5,9).



- Compass and square forming the triangle of God, with the letter "G" in the center, or the "eye" of God... or on top of an open Bible.
- They are the 3 indispensable jewels of a Lodge, representing "equality, liberty, and fraternity".
- The "compass" is the male element, represents solidarity, by making a circle; the "square", the female element, represents righteousness.

titanium signet ring freemason symbol5 points of fellowship as follows:

- "Foot to foot": To go to help your brother.
- "Knee to knee": Pray for your brother.
- "Breast to breast": Keep the secrets.
- "Hand to back": Assist your fallen brother, and vindicate his character behind his back, as well as before his face.
- "Mouth to ear": Whisper good council.


There are mainly "3 Rites", with 1,000 degrees, layed over the 3 major divisions, differing from country to country, with no main authority (Encyclopedia Britannica).

-They meet in "Lodges", of a minimum of 7 members; every Lodge is the basic unit of Masonry, like a "parish", and  no one is supposed to outrank the Master of his Lodge, even the Grand Master. The Grand Lodge in each state, having at least 4 Lodges, is like the "diocese". A "Grand Master" is supposed to outrank ally 33 degree Mason. In lots of countries, Grand Lodges are national bodies, but this has not worked in the States.

Masoneye - The basic "Blue Lodge":

Blue Lodges are those in which the first 3 degrees are conferred: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. The 3 Degrees ware "blue" aprons, the official color of Freemasonry, and the only proper form to address the Master of the Lodge is "Worshipful Master".

The Scottish Rite

It has 33 degrees, they can discuss politics as well as religion, and the Lodges have a general organization, to act as a whole. Atheists are not allowed, as are blacks, women, children, and poor people. Some kind of organisation - obviously similar to old Apartheid South Africa.

- Degree 18, of the "Rose Croix", is "anti-Christian: The candidate has to hand along a cross without Christ, through Calvary, Ascension, and Hell, and the INRI of the cross means  - he whole nature renewed by fire.

- Only Christians can take degrees 18 to 33, and degree 30, "Knight of Kadosh" is the most anti-Catholic; "vengeance" is the way of this degree.

- The first 3 degrees wore blue aprons. 4 to 18 wore red aprons. 19 to 30 wore black aprons and 31 to 33 wore white aprons.

- There are 2 Jurisdictions in the US:
1- The "Northern", north of Ohio, its headquarters are in Lexington, Mass.
2- The "Southern", with 35 states, and headquarters in Washington, D.C., the most openly anti-Catholic, founder of the Ku Klux Klan, they publis the New Age magazine.

The - York Rite or - American Rite

With 10 degrees, here they are banned from talking about politics and religion in the Free Mason Lodges. Atheists are not allowed, and it refuses to admit

anyone except Christian Free Masons... All women, children, blacks, and poor people are banned.

- In the 7th degree, the Royal Arch, the name of the God of the Free Masons is uncovered: "Jah-Bul-On", which stands for "Yahweh", the God of the Bible; "Baal", the god of the Assyrians, the false god of the Bible; and "On", the sun-god of the Egyptians, Osiris.

The "Grand Orient of France":

Here, the Atheists are allowed. It started when Napoleon proceeded to try and unite and take control the all the different Lodges and Rites using his brother Joseph. He failed, but a new Rite was formed to include the Positivists and Atheists.

The "Blacks", were refused entry to Masonry, but later the "Prince Hall" for blacks was created, with over 250,000 members. But even now American Lodges do not accept the right of Black Masonic Lodges (Encyclopedia Britannica).

Allied groups, also were created to take care of the woman relatives of Master Masons in the "Order of the Eastern Star"; for youths (boys), the "Order of DeMolay" and the "Order of Builders". For females, the "Order of the Job's Daughters" and the "Order of Rainbow"... and the "Shriners", known for their charity work...

Emblem Structure of The Freemason Movement

Most Christian and Muslim leaders do not allow Freemasonry... because it is a  deceptive secret society, :


Freemasons have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church by 8 Popes: In 1738 by Clement XII "In Eminenti", the first of 20 bulls against Freemasons. Pius IX issued 6 bulls attacking Masonry. Leo XIII, in 1884, in "Humanum Genus", and endorsed the view that the Freemasons' "real supreme aim" is "to persecute Christianity with untamed hatred, and they will never rest until they see cast to the ground all religious institutions established by the Pope"... and the last one, John Paul II in 1983... you can not be a Catholic and a Mason!
If you want to be a Free Mason, you are immediately thrown out of the Catholic Church, excommunicated!... so said Cardinal Ratzinger, This was approved and ordered by John Paul II -  Nov. 1983: "The Church's bad judgment on the Free Mason associations is unchanged since their principles have always been considered too different to that of the workings of the Church and so membership is forbidden. Catholics who join Free Mason groups are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion. Local Ecclesiastical authorities have no faculty to pronounce a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which may include a diminution of the above-mentioned judgment".

Many Baptist leaders, have described it as "an ungodly brotherhood of satanic darkness".  "there is an inherent incompatibility between Masonry and the Christian faith"; "there is a great danger that the Christian Mason may find himself compromising his allegiance to Jesus" From:(The Baptist Union of Scotland, 1965).

The Lutherans have this to say,  -  "Masonry amounts to idolatry" (Missouri Synod, 1959).

The Presbyterians say "Masonry is a religious institution and as such is definitely anti-Christian" (General Assembly, Rochester, 1942).

The Church of England: has this view - "A number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Masonry with Christian way (General Synod, London, 1987... and several members of the committee were Masons!).

Russian Orthodox Church: "Any Orthodox who joins Free Masonry forgoes all the rights and privileges of his membership in the Russian Orthodox Church (Acker, "Strange Altars", pag.60).

Methodists: "There is a great danger that the Christian who becomes a menber will find himself compromising his Christian beliefs. Methodists must not join the Masons (General Assembly, London, 1985).

The French Revolution of (1789-1799): It was not "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", the same motto of the Free-Masonry. The French Revolution was the killer of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity". There was no Freedom but only tyranny and terrorism of the population, instead of Equality there was a terrible political, social and religious apartheid, and the brotherhood was linked to many massacres and a Reign of Terror.

However,  many Free Masons are white Protestants, some are Catholics and Orthodox Christians!.


The "tenets" of Masonry are apparently beautiful, and many Masons are good, honest people, deceived in the surface of Brotherhood, specially the first three degrees Masons, most of them, who, in the words of Pike, already quoted, "they are intentionally misled by false interpretations"

To be accepted as a Mason, you have to believe in "the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of men, and the immortality of the soul"... and this is wonderful, except iti s coated words, You will end up losing your Christian or Muslim or Jewish beliefs.

titanium free mason ringThe "3 tenets" of Masonry are:
1- "Brotherly love to the whole human species,
2- Relieve the distressed,
3- And truth as a divine attribute".
These 3 tenets, plus "trust in God" are very moving... but a lot of high degree free masons are guided by greed and selfishness, either social, political, or economic, making Free Masonry similar to an Engish Mafia,

The motto is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity":
This 3 fold motto of Masonry that is not even upheld in the Masonic Lodges:
- Equality There are lots of "degrees" with differing honors and powers, but there is no equality.
- Liberty: Each member uses the color of the apron relating to his degree, but there is no liberty
- Fraternity, except you are a slave of the Master and of the Lodge, but if you fail one the rules or commands! you've had it.
It is the same motto of the French Revolution which was from 1789-1799. The French Revolution was the killer of "Liberty and Equality and Fraternity". There was no Freedom only tyranny and terrorising of the masses, Replacing equality was a terrible political, social and religious prejudice, and the Brotherhood of Fraternity was followed by thousands of massacres and a Reign of Horror.

The "4 perfect points of entrance" are: "Gutta" (throat), "pectora" (chest), "manus" (hand), and "pedes" (feet), to ensure care and circumspection of what you consume, what is in your heart, what you do, and where you go... admirable!... but many lodges are run like clubs of brothers dedicated to do charity, some powerful high degree members are intent on killing religions and the whole economical and social structure of sometimes entire nations.

The "4 cardinal virtues", are also relevent to good living - : Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice"... but  lots of lodges follow this general philanthropy, many high degree Free Masons have upset the public. The Grand Lodge biggest job today is to convince the cynical general public that the Masonic way is not a  bad or a secret society,  instead a harmless boys club which helps the whole community by teaching high moral and spiritual values in its groups"... but this is not what they do... while Freemasonry can spiritually enrich your life, it can also take your Christian way... it is sometimes conservative, and also a devisive force in politics, religion, and or economics.

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